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22 years of experience

Certified Arborist


What makes us different

Green Planet

Green Planet offers what other tree services can't: Local, deeply experienced ownership and superior equipment. The result is high-quality work completed in less time for a lower price.

Our Knowledge

We've provided trees services to Portland-area homeowners and businesses for more than two decades. That gives us an exceptional understanding of the plant species, pruning techniques and pest threats unique to the Northwest's urban forests.

Our People

Green Planet's crew prides itself on professional, courteous service. We're a team of seasoned professionals who work closely with each other to ensure our work is completed safely. Our experienced ownership and ASA-certified arborist oversee every job to ensure our work exceeds clients' expectations. At the same time, we minimize the use of harmful chemicals and incorporate other green practices, such as recycling wood debris in partnership with local farmers.

Our Equipment

Time is money, and better gear helps us complete jobs faster. Our oversized 18-inch chipper significantly cuts the time our crew spends handling debris on site. Our backyard aerial lift unit – similar to a bucket truck without the vehicle under it – quickly gives us access to limbs up to 70 feet in the air. Equipped with turf tires, its light weight prevents damage to grass and sensitive landscaping while granting easy access to tight spaces next to houses or other structures.

Watch Our Crew and Equipment in Action: